Terms and Conditions

Intellectual Property Disclaimer

Galenova Inc. does not guarantee that the use or sale of its products, or their combination with other products will not infringe on the claims of any Canadian or foreign patent.

Product Quality


All our labels conform to WHIMIS requirements. The products are tested according to the latest USP, NF, BP, ACS, and FCC pharmacopeia or otherwise mentioned.


Specifications of our products are available upon request.

Material Safety and Data Sheets

Material Safety and Data Sheets of our products are available upon request.

Certificates of Analysis

Certificates of analysis of our products are available upon request.


At Galenova, our goal is to rapidly deliver our products to our clients. When products are in stock orders are processed and shipped out in the 24 to 48 hours after receipt.

Galenova Shipping Charges - Quebec/Ontario**

Express Delivery Under 25 kg Over $150 Free Delivery
Under $150 $8.50
Over 25 Kg   According to Weight

** some exceptions

Galenova Shipping Charges - Other Provinces

Express Delivery Under 4 kg Over $250 Free Delivery
Under $250 $25.00
4 to 8 kg Over $500 Free Delivery
$250 to $500 $25.00
Under $250 $40.00
Over 8 kg   According to Weight
Ground Delivery Under 4.5 Kg Over $150 Free delivery
Under $150 $10.00
4.5 to 11.9 Kg Over $250 Free delivery
$150 to $250 $15.00
Under $150 $25.00
12 to 25 Kg Over $500 Free delivery
$250 to $500 $25.00
Under $250 $50.00
Over 25 Kg   According to Weight
Ground Transit Times Atlantic (except Newfoundland) 2 Days
Newfoundland 2 to 5 days
Manitoba 3 Days
Alberta and Saskatchewan 4 Days
British Columbia 5 Days

Narcotics and controlled substances

8,50$ for order under 150$ for Quebec, 150$ for Ontario and 200$ for all other provinces


8,50$ + shipping fee if applicable

Dangerous Goods

For all shipments containing dangerous goods a surcharge will be levied regardless of the amount ordered. Dangerous goods are shipped through regular service.

Surcharge for Dangerous Goods: $20.00 per shipment


Surcharge for Refrigerated Products : $10.00 per shipment

Cash on Delivery (COD)

The surcharge for a COD shipment is $15.00

Payment Terms

All prices are in Canadian dollars and are subject to change without notice, at the discretion of Galenova Inc. Credit will not be given for prices that have been changed after a sale.


All invoices are net 30 days from the invoice date. New customers who wish to open an account must submit a credit application. A minimum of 5 working days is required for a credit check. Orders will be shipped only upon receipt of credit approval.

All outstanding invoices will be processed for payment with the customer’s credit card.

Payment by Credit Card

We accept Visa and MasterCard orders by telephone and fax.

Cash On Delivery (COD)

If you do not have an account with us and you do not wish to charge your order, you can request a COD shipment. A $15.00 surcharge will be applied to your bill.

Return Policy

Our return policy allows you to return devices, equipment and most of our chemical products. However, for security reasons certain restrictions apply.


Galenova Inc. must pre-approve all returns. A 25% re-stocking fee will be charged. Requests for returns must be made within 10 working days.

Authorization of Return Number (ARN)

All returns require an Authorization of Return Number (ARN). All other returns will be refused. Please contact our Customer Service Department to obtain your ARN, which must be prominently displayed on all packages.

Condition of Returned Items

All items that have received an authorization of return from Galenova Inc. must be in good condition, new, unused and ready for resale. All items are subject to an inspection by Galenova Inc. Chemical products having a broken seal will be refused.

Credit for Returned Items

To ensure a credit return, each request must include:

  • Return Form which must include:
    • Client’s name and address
    • Purchase order number
    • Galenova’s order number, invoice date, bar code/UPC product number
    • Reason for return
    • Galenova’s Authorization of Return Number (ARN)

Non-refundable Items

Refrigerated products, special orders, bulk orders and expired products cannot be returned.

Unauthorized Returns

Unauthorized returns will be refused.

Loss or Damage in Transit

Check your order immediately upon receipt of shipment, unpack and inspect it for damage.

Do not accept a damaged shipment until the carrier makes a "damage" notation on your delivery receipt or freight bill.

If shortage or damage exists, you should immediately request that the carrier perform an inspection.

Retain all containers and packaging materials for the inspection.

No insurance will be obtained on shipments made by Galenova Inc. unless otherwise arranged by the purchaser, prior to shipping.


Any claim for damage or shortage (other than damage caused in transit), must be made within 5 working days of the date of delivery.

A Customer Service Representative will contact you and advise you on how to proceed with the claim.

Retain all materials and the original shipping carton until a Galenova Representative has approved a return or disposal of materials.